The Squirrel

22e1441467a811e2b42122000a9d0ed9_7A scurry of squirrels once lived together in a tree. They were all very good friends and had a great time hanging out together. They had fun, they laughed a lot, and sometimes they would invite female squirrels over to their tree so they could show off their nuts.

Every day, the scurry of squirrels would leave the tree in order to collect nuts. One day, one of the squirrels decided to take a different route than the others. He wanted to explore new pastures. He wanted to achieve something for himself. He knew it was a risk, but would he regret it if he never tried?

At the end of that day he returned to the tree with some nuts, but not as many as he used to come home with. Patience is a virtue, he thought. It just needs time.

As time wore on the squirrel was returning with fewer and fewer nuts. Eventually, he was going back with none. The squirrel’s morale and confidence was crushed, but his pride wasn’t. Rather than confessing this to his friends, he decided instead to borrow some of the nuts that had been stored by the others. He would replace them when he became in possession of more of his own. But things didn’t pan out as he had planned. He was still not gaining any more nuts, and he was still forced to borrow from the collection. As time wore on, the situation became serious and it became more difficult for him to admit to the others what was happening.

It didn’t take long for the other squirrels to notice that something was wrong. Their pile was smaller in size. Where had their nuts gone? They had a meeting and realised that someone was taking nuts from their collection. Realising it was none of them they confronted the squirrel who had sought pastures new. Racked with guilt, the squirrel confessed everything to them. Suffice to say, they were not happy. And they had every right to be mad with him. He’d betrayed them. He’d gone behind their backs. They were supposed to be friends. Why had he not approached them from the very beginning? Why had he not confessed sooner, before they realised? Why had he let it get to this? Friendships had been broken. Trust was no longer there. The squirrel had paid a very heavy price.


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