reversedI really don’t understand the fascination with people photographing themselves at every opportunity and plastering it all over social networking sites. Without wanting to be a complete hypocrite, I will admit that I am guilty of a couple of ‘selfies’. Occasionally it’s fine. What I don’t understand is why people feel so compelled to photograph themselves daily. It’s narcissistic. Simple as that.

Ask yourself this: is it really that important how many ‘likes’ you get for a photograph of your selfie?

All that is important is that you’re true to yourself and to others around you. The rest is shallow, pointless and insignificant. So beautiful celebrities do it, who cares? They live in a manufactured world. Be bigger than that, don’t aspire to it.

Guys, please, look around you. There are so many more important moments to capture than reflections in the mirror.


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